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I just wanted to send you a follow up email, firstly to thank PSC for replacing the OC spray that was faulty in such a fast and effective way. Secondly, let you know I received the product a few days ago, and I tested the product and it works amazingly well. It works above and beyond my expectations. Thirdly, to let you know that we will only be carrying your product from here on out. We used to carry the sabre brand OC spray but I believe your product surpasses theirs.

Thank you for being so kind and courteous to my issue that I had. You have gained a customer for life.

Jason Bogle, Chief
Chief Executive Officer, Citywide Tactical Security


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Discover the Pepper Enforcement® Difference...Quality, Savings & Service.
It is all about balancing quality and price with consistent "made to order" pepper spray for law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. We produce your order upon receipt and ship freshly made product with a guaranteed 4-year shelf life within 5-7 business. At Personal Safety Corporation we know that our law enforcement business partners require the highest quality and most dependable pepper spray available for law enforcement use.

We also know that public sector entities throughout the U.S. are confronted with annual budget problems requiring cost savings on all purchases. Lastly, due to the critical nature of our product line, we know that law enforcement agencies must have a less than lethal pepper spray product to use to safely apprehend suspects when necessary.
Pepper Enforcement®...When You Need The Best!

When you partner with us, you will have a single point of contact with over ten year's experience who will exceed your Quality, Savings & Service expectations. You will have a direct toll-free telephone number and email address. One consistent, dependable point of contact every time you call. The foundation of our success after over 16 years in business is personalized service and long-term relationships. See our testimonials to judge for yourself.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is very simple. We challenge ourselves daily to be your #1 business partner. Our vision is to listen, learn & lead the industry in manufacturing only the highest quality and safest to use against humans law enforcement pepper spray. Our perfect and proprietary 1-% capsaicin content formula is the safest and most effective pepper spray formula to safely use against humans. Pepper spray formulas greater than 1-% capsaicin content are used against bears. Does your agency want to risk the potential liability of using a bear spray to apprehend suspects?

In addition to receiving the lowest possible manufacturer direct pricing you can count on being treated as our #1 matter how large or small your department.

Our Business Model Provides You With
The Lowest Possible Prices...Guaranteed!

Simply stated - we sell direct. We develop, manufacture and often patent many of our products and sell them directly to our business partners. We cut out all middlemen costs that only lead to increased prices to you. We pass these cost savings on to you in the form of the lowest prices in the industry. As a result our business partners save up to 30-40% or more on our Pepper Enforcement® products versus similar competitive products.

A Business Partner Focus Not A Product Focus
We pride ourselves on focusing our complete attention on you. If there is anything that we can do to serve you better please do not hesitate to give us a call. We will do everything possible to earn your business. We challenge ourselves daily to be all of our customers #1 vendor.

Our Continued Success Is A Direct Result Of
Establishing Long Term Partnerships

We are blessed to be partnering with the best law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. As a result of our relentless business partner focus we were honored to be awarded a statewide, five-year contract with New York State in October 2007. As always we will exceed your service and quality expectations at the lowest cost in the industry. We appreciate the support of our growing list of business partners. If you have not discovered The Personal Safety Corporation Difference give us a call today. We will be happy to send you a free sample for your evaluation.

Please contact us at: Toll Free: 888.843.6488 Fax: 817.579.9450



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