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I just wanted to send you a follow up email, firstly to thank PSC for replacing the OC spray that was faulty in such a fast and effective way. Secondly, let you know I received the product a few days ago, and I tested the product and it works amazingly well. It works above and beyond my expectations. Thirdly, to let you know that we will only be carrying your product from here on out. We used to carry the sabre brand OC spray but I believe your product surpasses theirs.

Thank you for being so kind and courteous to my issue that I had. You have gained a customer for life.

Jason Bogle, Chief
Chief Executive Officer, Citywide Tactical Security


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M Series
Splatter Stream
Most widely used. Reduces potential for blowback to user. Ideal in situation where aiming at a single attacker is critical.
MF Series
Excellent for use against multiple attackers and for crowd control. Also very effective against animals.
PF Series
Minimizes potential for blowback to user The pepper foam adheres to attacker's face like shaving cream. Quickly saturates and incapacitates attacker.

All Pepper Enforcement products incapacitates attackers quickly by causing eyes to slam shut, excessive running of the nose and an intense gagging reaction. Attacker will experience shortness of breath and a burning sensation of skin. The non-life threatening affects will last from 30-45 minutes. The Pepper Enforcement formula also includes a UV dye to mark the attacker for police ID.


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