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I just wanted to send you a follow up email, firstly to thank PSC for replacing the OC spray that was faulty in such a fast and effective way. Secondly, let you know I received the product a few days ago, and I tested the product and it works amazingly well. It works above and beyond my expectations. Thirdly, to let you know that we will only be carrying your product from here on out. We used to carry the sabre brand OC spray but I believe your product surpasses theirs.

Thank you for being so kind and courteous to my issue that I had. You have gained a customer for life.

Jason Bogle, Chief
Chief Executive Officer, Citywide Tactical Security


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There is considerable confusion within the pepper spray marketplace relative to the percentage of pepper and Scoville Heat Units (SHUs) contained in the various brands. In the last few years the industry has seen many claims of the "hottest" pepper spray. Percentages range from 5% to 15% and higher. Scoville Heat Units are claimed to be anywhere from one million to 5.3 million. Many buyers and consumers assume the higher the percentage and/or the higher the SHUs the more effective or "hotter" the pepper spray will be. It is the classic more is better syndrome.

However, the percentage of pepper or the number of SHUs of the product in isolation, are not the critical factors. The most important factor is the CAPSAICIN CONTENT. Please note: Capsaicin contents greater than 1.00% are generally used for bear sprays. Pepper spray capsaicin content levels greater than 1.00% have not been proven over time to be safe to use against humans.


A divided by B times the percentage of pepper = Capsaicin Content Where:

A = Scoville Heat Units Claimed
B = 16 Million SHUs which is the rating for 100% Pure Capsaicin
% Pepper = Percentage of Pepper Claimed EXAMPLE

Let's assume you want to know which is the most effective pepper spray between Brand X claiming to be the most effective with a 2%, 5.3 million SHU claim and Pepper Enforcement at 8%, 2 million SHUs. Use the above formula to arrive at the critical Capsaicin Content:

Brand X: 5.3 million divided by 16 million = 33.1% times .02 = .66% Capsaicin Content

Pepper Enforcement: 2 million divided by 16 million = 12.5% times .08 = 1.0% Capsaicin Content

In this example Pepper Enforcement is much more effective than Brand X.



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