Guard Alaska Bear Pepper Spray

Protect yourself with the only bear spray proven effective against ALL bear species.

  • Guard Alaska bear pepper spray deterrent was intensively tested for six years in the Alaska wild, and it is the only bear spray approved as humane and effective against ALL bear species.
  • Maximum strength pepper spray formula contains 1.34% total capsaicinoids.
  • Fogger delivery system sprays 20-30 feet quickly engulfing an attacking bear for maximum protection. The UltraMag actuator releases full 9 ounces of protection in 9 seconds, or the user can fire in controlled bursts.
  • Guard Alaska bear spray is environmentally safe and does not contain flammable or ozone depleting substances. The pepper spray formula is scientifically proven superior and endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation.
  • The optional metal belt clip holster secures Guard Alaska bear spray to your belt or waist. The hook and loop closure flap is easy to open when protection is needed.
  • Be safe, protect yourself with Guard Alaska!

Carrying bear spray – also known as bear mace / bear pepper spray / bear deterrent – is necessary for protecting yourself and loved ones from aggressive bears. It is your only chance of stopping a bear attack without the risk of getting injured. Spray the bear right in the face when it gets close enough. Guard Alaska bear spray shoots 20-30 feet in a powerful expanding cloud allowing you to immerse an attacking bear with ultra-hot OC pepper spray. When the bear retreats, you must get out of the area it was trying to defend as soon as possible. Be sure to alert the rest of your party and others around the location where you encountered the bear and report the encounter to the appropriate authorities. Guard Alaska bear repellent spray is specially formulated and has been tested and proven effective on all species of bears.

EFFECTS: Guard Alaska Bear Spray is a formulation of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Bear Safe Formula, a natural ingredient derived from hot peppers. Upon contact, OC Pepper causes the membranes of the eyes, nose, and lungs of a bear to engorge, and the result is the temporary loss of sight, restriction of breathing and a painful burning sensation.

USE: To use Guard Alaska Bear spray, pull off the orange safety tab on the top of the canister actuator. Be ready to spray the bear by pressing down on the actuator button.

STORAGE: Store in cool dry areas away from heat, flame, or strong sunlight. Do not store where temperature may exceed 120°F/50°C such as an enclosed vehicle, which can cause spray canisters to leak from over pressurization and fail to function properly. Do not store in cold environments below 32°F/0°C, which can cause depressurization and the loss of effective range.

Running away is one of the worst things that you can do when you’re around any predator. Not only will it almost surely provoke an attack, but the chances of outrunning a bear are slim to none. Bears are great at climbing and swimming, so climbing trees or jumping into a body of water to avoid them will not work. Guard Alaska Bear Spray allows you to deter the animal and make a slow getaway during an attack.

There are few options when it comes to dealing with attacks, but bear deterrent pepper spray is seen as one of the most effective and humane options. Trying to scare a bear away will not always work. Running will most likely provoke an attack. A bear shouldn’t have to die or suffer from terrible wounds simply because it is trying to defend itself or its cubs. Guard Alaska bear spray allows you to effectively deter bears and stop attacks without causing any permanent harm to the animal. The effects of Guard Alaska bear spray will wear off over a few hours and no lasting injury will occur to the bear.