Pepper Defense Pepper Spray

Maximum Strength Pepper Spray for Self Defense

Pepper Defense brand pepper spray maximum strength formula contains 10% OC and UV dye to mark attacker for police identification. Our 4-in-1 formula contains 10% OC, 1% CS Military Tear Gas, 1% CN Tear Gas and UV Marker Dye.

When your safety is on the line you must act quickly. Which is why Pepper Defense pepper spray with quick release trigger mechanism is the perfect non-lethal self defense weapon for use in emergency situations. Our maximum strength formula is lab-tested and proven effective in incapacitating any would-be attacker. A quick spray to the eyes and nose will cause an attacker to experience “bubbling” or “boiling” sensation, difficulty in breathing, severe eye pain and temporary blindness. The effects last from 30 to 45 minutes allowing you or your loved ones to flee from danger and contact the police. The UV dye will mark the attacker for accurate police identification.

Shop our line of 1/2 oz. and 3/4 oz. key chain pepper spray, and 3/4 oz. pepper spray with hand strap for jogging and running.

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